The words wyrd and wyse say a lot, and we like things that have layers. Wyrd can mean "to come to pass" or "to become" and we love the idea of an ever-changing future. It can mean "strange" or "unusual" and we love the strange and unusual. Shakespeare called his witches "wyrd sisters" and we love sisterhood (not just cis-sterhood) and witches. And of course, "wyrd" looks a lot like "word" and we love those a whole lot. 

Wyse is the archaic spelling of wise, and we love deep knowledge, and the idea of the wise woman archetype. It can also be read as the archaic plural of "ways" and we love the idea of a multiplicity of paths. Plurality and difference are important to us. 

This combination of ideas is the foundation of why we wanted  Wyrd & Wyse to exist, and why we feel called to create a space for the wyrd and wyse among us. Our team has felt wyrd and wyse our whole lives and we know many who feel the same. We wanted to celebrate the words and art of those who walk darker paths, or paths that aren't easily seen and understood, because ultimately, we believe connection is the key to bringing understanding to a multiplicity of "ways" and greater empathy to the world. 

Besides which, we adore the written word and art, and we wanted to create a platform for voices that may not have a place from which to launch themselves quite yet. We want to let some fresh blood into the collective waters of the literary community. We believe, above all else, in supporting our sisters (not just cis-ters, please read our inclusiveness statement). 

The Editors


Allison Carr Waechter & Dr. Annie D’Orazio

Allison and Annie met in graduate school, where they both felt a little out of place. When they met, sparkling darkness swirled around them and they fell into a friendship they feel might span lifetimes. They both enjoy Buffy the Vampire Slayer, quality tea, and smooshing faces with floofy felines. In terms of witchy archetypes, Annie is the Gilly Owens, Allison is the Sally and they’re both more than a little Maria (by which they mean, they will not hesitate to lay a generational curse down on you if you cross them. Watch it, please).

Allison lives in Northfield, Minnesota and Annie resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Both are magical, come and visit.

The Circle

The Circle is a group of readers who helps to select the submissions that go into each issue. We began this practice, starting with Issue the Third, to take some of the pressure off Allison, who has trouble understanding poetry. We get a lot of poetry submissions -- she needed the help. 


Here at Wyrd and Wyse we are committed to inclusiveness. We know we won't always get it right, and we're still learning, but we are all the way in the fight to create a more equal world. This means: 

  • We publish work created by sisters, not just cis-ters. If you identify as woman/femme, genderfluid/non-conforming/non-binary we want to read your work.

  • We are an anti-racist publication.

  • We support our LGBTQIA+ community.

  • We support immigrant communities. No one is illegal.

  • We are non-denominational witches, and we respect the religions of others.

  • We are an anti-ableist publication and we support neurodivergent and disabled people.

  • We are an anti-appropriative space.

  • We support Native and Indigenous communities.

  • We are pro-choice, pro-mama, pro-womxn.

  • We are fat-positive/body-positive.

  • We believe in climate change and are pro-mama-earth.

Giving Back

A certain percentage of the profits of every publication will donated to the non-profit of our choice. Follow us on Instagram to learn more about who is benefitting this issue.