Interview: L.A.C.H

L.A.C.H aka Lindsay is an experiential learner, autodidact and all around Mother of Wolves. A devoted mother, wife, friend and (grand) daughter. Sometimes she writes poetry with botanicals. 


W&W: Do you consider yourself a witch?

If the shoe fits...Though I prefer to go shoe less.

W&W: What does L.A.C.H stand for? 

Its my initials. I've also gone by Lindsay Luna and Lindsay Littlefeather. I change things up when I am undergoing a big change. Thus my initials are what I prefer to go by now. Claiming the real me could be one way to look at it. Its very symbolic in many ways. I guess you could say I am in a revealing stage of my life and prefer to claim all that is I. 


W&W: What does your magical practice look like? (i.e. Solitary, Coven, etc.)

Some days it looks like rich fertile soil other days it looks like walks in the woods….I am a solitary practitioner. I don't follow any tradition or particular path. I guess if one wanted to get technical you could call me an Agrarian Witch. I work/ live intentionally through the seasons. I am a daughter of nature. Honoring ancient agrarian practices of my Irish/ Scottish ancestors. Yes, this means animals are culled, blood is returned to the earth, bones are burned...

I do have an incredible circle of women I turn to when in need. All varying paths of spirituality. We are good shoulders for each other. 

W&W: How do you feel about the rise of witchcraft as a popular trend?

Fiddlesticks and poppycock!  Witchcraft as a trend gets my knickers in a bunch. As much as I admire the resources that young wo(men) have available to them, I am not a fond of witchcraft being a fashion statement nor a spiritual trend. Its deeper than that. You must pay your dues and earn your scars (so to speak). When I was a youngster trying to find my way around in the dark, there were limited resources available. I didn't have the internet to do a google search or pinterest to give me visual ideas of what witchcraft “looks” like. I had nature. She spoke and I listened.

Personally I think there is a journey a burgeoning witch must take before she can really claim the word for herself. That journey is experiential and if met with naysayers and fear mongers and she can still rise from the ashes- she’s earned her power. You don't need to follow a path or tradition. Spells casting can be poetry, music, painting, etc. It's not just crystals and bones, be as cool as they are. Witchcraft comes in many forms. I could wax on and on about this. End Rant.

W&W: What influences your creative process?

Nature, the seasons, the emotional tides of the moon and the ever steady strength of the sun. Long soaks in a tub full of flowers and plants. Long journeys in the car with no destination in mind.  Jamming out to my favorite tunes helps too.

W&W: Who is your favorite writer and why?

Who in their right mind asked this question? Oh wait, that was me. I love any writer who can push the boundaries of emotion. For me that can be the poetry of Sexton, Plath and Dickinson or the modern wordsmiths like Barbara Kingsolver, Terry Tempest Williams and Patty Smith. I am currently reading The Chronology of Water by Lydia Yuknavitch. I’m a big fan of memoirs.

So other than being Witchy As Fuck, what do you do in the world of Muggles?

I live on a five acre hobby farm. We raise animals for meat/ eggs:  Chickens, Cows, Pigs. It's not as quaint and pastoral as some imagine it to be. There's a lot of shit and its dirty work-  It can be challenging but very rewarding. I am ad avid hiker/ knapsacker. I enjoy tramping through the woods and boulder hopping. It's what purifies me. There is nothing more magical than building a small fire in a stone ring, tossing in moss, twigs and pine cones and sleeping in the woods.

 I am married to a jack of all trades with 3 wild children- All boys! The amount of testosterone in my life is through the roof! 

When not mucking barn stalls, wrangling animals (that includes my husband and children) or tussling with mother nature I conjure up Tea Stories.

Where to find you:

More often than not, outside. Via the interweb: or Instagram