Contributor Interview: Angela Grella

Angela aka Lily, is a witch of blood and shadow, a practitioner of northern and ancestral craft, a rune reading spakona, and a nasty woman.


W&W: Do you consider yourself a witch?

Definitely- though I also use the term spákona for myself to acknowledge the Northern Germanic ancestry I most closely identify with.

W&W: What does your magical practice look like? (i.e. Solitary, Coven, etc.)

My work is mainly solitary, but also I work with a close group of friends during holidays and Sabbaths. We call ourselves the Uncoven and it’s definitely nothing formal! I maintain a daily practice of working with my land/house wights and disir, as well as my ancestors and beloved dead.

W&W: How do you feel about the rise of witchcraft as a popular trend?

It’s a double-sided sword to be sure! I’m really not interested in what I see as the commodification of my spirituality, which I consider to be deeply personal. I also don’t appreciate how white and cis-gendered witchcraft is portrayed as being the “norm.” On the other side of things, perhaps this pop culture trend will allow folks a doorway into a world that’s calling to them.

W&W: What influences your creative process?

My greatest influence is my family. My father was very Old World and had strict ideas on what was honorable when it came to your blood; he raised my siblings and I to put family above anything else. My spiritual practice is made up almost entirely of working with local spirits and my ancestors, I would definitely call myself an ancestor venerator (though I wouldn’t say I worship anything) and I bring my heritage into almost everything that I do. My writings and artwork tend to reflect the deep connection I feel to my ancestral line and family tree, as well as my immediate relatives.

W&W: Who is your favorite writer and why?

Tough question! I’m not sure if I have a favorite author, there are so many authors and poets that I love. However, if I’m being completely honest with myself, the book that had the most influence on me in my life was definitely Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George

So other than being Witchy As Fuck, what do you do in the world of Muggles?

I teach little ones! That’s right parents, bring me your children!

Where to find you:

My blog is Whispers of the Wyrd and I’m on Instagram @my_blue_veins. I'm also a member of the podcast Hex Rated on iTunes, pOdomatic, and Stitcher.