Contributor Interview: Holly Karlsson


I am a storyteller and fervent mountain roamer. Currently I write short stories for my blog, and I'm working on a fantasy novel in my spare moments, while raising my two little kids. I've also self-published a book of flash fiction, titled Unusual Diction, which is currently available on

W&W: Do you consider yourself a witch? If not, what would you consider yourself?

Yes, I do.

W&W: What does your magical practice look like? (i.e. Solitary, Coven, etc.)

I consider myself somewhat of a fledgling witch, as I came to it just a few years ago, and I’m still delving into my own darkness and intuitive power, and coming to know myself again. I’m fairly solitary, but I have a small coven of loving, authentic and trustworthy women who provide focus and support when I need it.

I’d like to incorporate more ritual and moon work in my practice, but currently with two wee ones underfoot, I mostly rely on tarot, meditation, and journaling. I feel most alive and inspired when in a forest or wild space, so I try to get outside as often as I can. Nothing feels more magical to me than being barefoot on earth or rock, and surrounded by trees.

W&W: How do you balance motherhood with your writing practice?

I’m still trying to figure out a good balance between family time and creative time, as I can’t write when there is noise and chaos (which is pretty much all day, every day). I try to write in the dark hours before the kids wake, or late when they’re in bed.

I also often tell them about my world building when we’re in the car driving somewhere (they usually ignore me), and write down random thoughts in my phone while we’re playing during the day.

W&W: What influences your creative process?

Forests, mountains, books, and music all heavily influence me. My best work comes when I feel a strong emotion about something. From there, a character and setting sort of unravel in my head, and then I just start digging at the story until a new, fascinating world comes alive.

W&W: Who is your favorite writer and why?

I have lots of favorites, but if I have to pick someone right now, I’d go with Brandon Sanderson for his fascinating worlds and characters. I also absolutely adore the gorgeous writing of Erin Morgenstern in her book The Night Circus.

So other than being a mother, wife and mountain roamer, what do you do in the world of Muggles?

I’m a writer, portrait artist, and folk harpist.

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