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We allow a FREE small ad for any of your services/goods in the Backmatter of the zine. If you are interested in having a Backmatter ad, please say so here and get in touch with Allison via email to work out how that will look.* Our requirements for ads: - Black and white logos only -- no photography - Under 100 words of text about your goods/services/websites/etc. *If you need help writing something, or would like to see how this looked in Issue the First, Allison will assist you. Backmatter ads will be more condensed this time.
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We have a standard "Meet the Contributor" set of questions that we tailor somewhat for each contributor and issue. We publish these on the blog and this allows you to share full color photography, art, and lots of links to your shops, offerings, etc. If you would like to be featured check yes and we'll get you set up with an interview sheet via Google Docs. We like to get these done early so we have something to start posting during the pre-order period to get folks excited about the issue.
If you checked yes for having an interview, please indicate the Google email you'd like us to use to share your interview here: