Questions about Print Issues: 

Q: I missed the pre-order period for a print issue! Can I still order a copy? 

A: No, once the pre-order period is over there are not more print copies available. You can still read the issue though! Ezines are available in the shop all the time. 

Q: I see that that the Print issue has shipped. Why didn't I get tracking or a notification that it shipped? 

A: To keep shipping costs low, we ship First Class mail and that doesn't provide tracking. We aren't able to provide individual notifications for shipping to so many people with our limited staff. We notify folks on Instagram that issues have shipped. If you don't get yours within a week of that notification, please get in touch (unless you are outside then U.S. -- then you might want to give the issue a bit more time to get to you). 

Q: Will there be digital copies of PRevious issues? 

A: Yes, they're available now in the shop

Q: Will you be shipping internationally? 

A: We will be shipping to Canada. Because of time constraints, we cannot ship other international orders.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. Shipping is a one witch show around here and customs forms take a long time to fill out. Shipping to Canada doesn't require customs from our locale, so we ship there. Many apologies. Please consider an ezine!

Questions about submissions:

Q: I want to submit to Your next print issue! How do I do that? 

A: See our submissions page now! If we're open for submissions, follow the directions carefully. If we're not, we'll say at the top of the page, but we always leave the previous issue's call up in the interim so you can see the kinds of things we've looked for in the past. 

Q: I want to be published right away! How do I do that? 

A: We have an online journal and accept submissions on a rolling basis. You can see what we're looking for here. Typically, unless we are in a production week for a print issue, we'll get back to you quickly about your submission. If you see on our social media that we're in production, you might need to be patient. 

Q. How do you choose who gets in and who doesn't? 

A: We have a whole page devoted to talking about our process here

Q: If you rejected my submission, can I resubmit? 

A: We would love for you to submit again with something new! We'll let you know if past work fits into a new issue. 

Q: I am upset you rejected my work. How should I let you know about this? 

A: Please don't!  We receive many submissions we cannot publish in print for a variety of reasons, and we are very selective about what goes into each digital issue. Our rejection is not a reflection on you as a person or as a creator, as 99% of the time we reject based on space concerns and theme-related reasons, not because work is "bad" or we don't like you. Truly, our rejection process isn't personal. 

Q: Do I have to be a witch to publish with you? 

A: Nope. However, we don't publish anything from folks who belong to groups or identify with groups that actively speak out against "occultism," "mysticism,"  or witchcraft.

Q: Do you publish work written by men? 

A: We do not publish work written by cisgender men. This isn't because we hate cis-men. We like cis-men just fine and at least one cis-man is a HUGE helper in getting the zine out and we appreciate him dearly (thank you for all the label printing and post-office support, Douglas). However, we feel that, at this point in time, there's lots of places for cis men's voices to be heard and published and we're committed to publishing voices that are not always prioritized. 

Q: You didn't respond to my submission! What should I do? 

A: If you see on our social media that we have responded to print submissions and you did not receive a response, please shoot us an email. Technology fails us every once in a while. If you submitted for the Digital Journal within the calendar month, please give us a little time. We try to read and respond by the end of the month. If it's been more than a month, shoot us an email. 

General Questions:

Q: I like your aesthetic-- will you ever have merch available for purchase? 

A: Yes, Allison is working things out right now. Watch our Instagram and newsletter for more info. 

Q:What kind of Stuff Will I read in the zine?

A: We publish short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction and a variety of essays related to whatever the topic of the issue is about. In general, we talk about witches, witchcraft, folklore, ritual and a multitude of cultural practices related to "witches." We also publish art!

Q: How is the zine created? 

A: We are a *very* small operation. It's just Allison and a few select helpers, and we don't live in the same state, so a lot of our tasks are done completely solo by Allison. Creating the zine is a costly and time consuming venture that we are all super passionate about, but because it's so few of us, we can't always do the same kinds of stuff that larger operations can do (like providing tracking numbers and individual notification re: shipping). 

Our process is that we decide what we want the theme to be for the issue, which is based off factors like current events, conversations we see happening in our communities (both local and online), and generally stuff we feel passionately about. Once we've settled on a theme, we let folks know we're ready to take submissions. We read submissions during a set period of time, and respond to them shortly afterward. We do not respond to submitters until the submission period is over. 

Once the contributors are set, we start working on an aesthetic for the zine that feels cohesive and Allison creates the layout in InDesign. The zine is printed in Northfield and Allison packs it and ships it herself. 

Q: You have a spelling/grammar mistake! 

A: Unless it's regarding someone's name or the title of something (otherwise known as a proper noun), we probably aren't going to address that. We make every effort to publish a well-edited text, but neither of us are professional editors and we cannot afford to hire one. 

Our dear collaborator Lindsay's wise mama says that mistakes in art are "spirit trails" and they are a beautiful part of the process. We believe that, as well as the fact that aggressively correcting people's spelling and grammar is an ableist and classist (and sometimes racist) way to behave and we don't participate in that kind of behavior. Also, as group of neurodivergent folks, we recognize that brains work differently and that what's "perfect" isn't always what's "best." 

If you can be kind in your notification of our mistake, we appreciate knowing what's up. (Especially if it involves a proper noun!) But please know that any snide comments on our blog or social media will be deleted, and abusive private messages and/or emails regarding this topic will be ignored. 

Q: You deleted my comment on your blog or Instagram! Why? 

A: Most likely because it violated our inclusiveness policy. If we feel that you are being abusive, or unnecessarily critical or personal we feel free to delete your comments. Wyrd & Wyse will not tolerate bigotry of any kind. 

NOTE: we will never delete comments that are calling us to do better when it comes to topics regarding inclusivity, diversity and anti-bigotry. We are not into protecting fragile egos, but we ARE into creating a safe space for folks who experience marginalization. We know walking that line can be difficult sometimes, but we're committed. 

Q: You got political! Why can't you just stick to witchy stories and poems? 

A: Witches, witchcraft, witchiness... ARE political. By its very nature, witchiness is in opposition to the overculture in Western capitalist, patriarchal culture, which makes it political. We don't shy away from talking about those kinds of things. If you don't want to read them/hear them, ours is probably not the publication for you. Thanks for stopping by! 

Q: Who wins in a war between the Undead and unicorns? 

A: Witches. Witches swoop in, help the unicorns kill the undead and they ride off into the sunset together. But you knew that already. A point of contemplation: Can you actually kill the undead? Don't let this keep you up at night, but if you come up with an answer, let us know.