October Hearts

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Hello Darklings,

You know the old adages about best laid plans as well as I do, and if you are even marginally aware of the socio-political climate, the way the cosmos is working on us, and you are a human living life, you might identify with what I’m about to say:


And yes, there’s a part of me that cringes at the vulgarity of all caps, a part of me that says, “Please don’t swear like that, Allison, you’ll turn some readers off.”

But honestly, fuck it.

I’m turned off.

I’m angry as hell.

I am exhausted and jittery with anxious energy.

I am void of creativity and too full of it at the same time.

It’s complicated.

I know you know what that’s like.

My favorite month has been less shiny this year than I would prefer, and I am exhausted from my personal life to the continuing nightmare that seems to be unfolding relentlessly around us. Whether it’s the pending ecological doom that so many folks seem to be just waking up to, or the fact that we continue to prop up white supremacy and patriarchal values in our sociopolitical structures (and personal lives), yeah, this year has been a shitshow and things have not gone as planned… and our publication has been affected.

To say anything else would be a lie and I am so done with lying to make it look like we have it all together. We don’t have it all together. We are grieving, we are processing, we are gathering enough energy to keep going, we are trying to pour love into our local communities to shore up our resilience once more.

Our team has been struggling to stay on top of our “real” jobs, and struggling to make ends meet in myriad ways, and we are sorry to have needed to step away from this space to calm the waters. All of us wish this could be our primary job, but the bills need paid, and the mouths need fed. But that doesn’t mean this community isn’t important. It is. Perhaps more important than it has ever been.

So we are going to try to make the next two and half weeks, through Samhain and the first of November as special as we can. We all need respite from this year and all its sorrow, so please do not think we are turning our heads from what is happening around us — we are not, we are fully diving into the cauldron to see what’s stirring.

But in that dark space we all need comfort. We all need light, dark and shadow to make our lives whole, so we will try to provide that in this space for you. We know we cannot stop, but sometimes we must rest in order to keeping moving forward, so we will provide respite when we can, and try to move forward as much as we can as well. It is all we can do.

Please, if you have work that celebrates witches: their strength, their resilience, the multifaceted ways they appear in the world, their revolutionary power to shift and change and to rise from the ashes, please, send it our way (see our guidelines for The Archives here).

Forward we go, arm in arm. All my love, dearest dark ones, all my love.