The Fourth Archive

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Hello Darklings, 


Thank goodness it is September. Just about every witch we know is tired of summer and is longing for autumn's cool kiss right now. 

September closes our print issue, Issue the Fourth, and opens this newly re-launched digital space -- once called "Digital Journal" -- now named The Archives, because you can read all of the digital archives at once if you like. 

Pour a cuppa, snug a familiar, and sink into THE FOURTH digital issue, which will come out week by week this month here in Freshly Pressed, and will be compiled for posterity in the Archived Issues space. 

We have interviews, rituals, recipes, poetry, short fiction and much more in store for you. And hey, if you like what you see, we read for The Archives on a rolling basis, so send your best stuff along. And if you need a little inspiration, our Pinterest board for THE FOURTH is here or our general board for getting stories started is here

In magic and mayhem,

The Witches of Wyrd & Wyse