Coven Chats

Coven Chat

The Heart of Blending

Coven Chats are a series of video chats, hosted by the team here at Wyrd & Wyse. We believe that in this age of the internet that it’s good to see faces, hear voices and feel the energy of the folks we connect with from time to time in a more unscripted and real-feeling way. We don’t have fancy technology or video capabilities, just our webcams and a Zoom account. Please excuse any issues with sound, flying creatures, and visiting cats. This is real life, darklings, and we really want to share it with you.

Hello everyone,

Today we are kicking off a series of chats we've been meaning to have since the inception of Wyrd & Wyse about the darker and shadowy aspects of creative life. I'll be talking with several people into the dark months about their personal stories of dealing with shadow in the creative process, as well as different aspects of that process. We don't aim to solve any of these issues, but rather want to create an openness and solidarity around discussing what it's like to be a creative person in this particular moment of telling and sharing so much, so quickly.

I'm starting our chats with Lindsay Luna -- formerly of Altar & Leaf Apotheca, and one of the founding members of the Wyrd & Wyse team. Lindsay has always one of the people I trust most deeply with my creative life. She is a sensitive and beautiful soul who found herself faced with her own creative shadows last year, which has lead to a burning time and spending some time in her dark spaces. Today we talk about what was (and is) magical about blending tea and creating stories, what stung and tore -- and what happens when you come full circle on your own story.

You can find Lindsay (and her creative partner Sara) on Instagram @gatheratthestudio for more information on the creative space they’re creating on her farm in Washington state and @hagfoot if you are looking for the breadcrumbs that might lead to your next tea story…

Pour a cuppa and join us for a Coven Chat,