Sleepy Hollow

Lindsay Hagfoot is an agrarian witch, living in the heart of the Pacific Northwest with a wild crew of boys and furred and feathered friends. Former proprietress of Altar & Leaf and Danmala Teas, Lindsay creates spaces for magical folks to gather and learn in community on her family’s farm. Follow her on Instagram @hagfoot and follow the farm @gattheratthestudio

This writing is adapted from Lindsay’s Ebook, The Heart of Blending: Autumn and the images belong to Lindsay. The Heart of Blending is being published in our quarterly print publication and here on The Archives on a monthly basis. Please enjoy these lovely rituals and recipes.

“let me sing a song for you of flower, root, leaf and seed ...”

Lindsay Hagfoot

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The altar cloth is laid out, incense spirals through the air as I prepare to concoct a brew inspired by the magic of autumn. This time of year is full of visual turning points. The golden gates of summer have closed. Leaving behind dusky skies filled with ashy smoke from the wood burning stoves. Crisp leaves fall at our feet bearing the skeletal limbs of the alder trees.

As I pull flowers, roots, leaves and seeds from the apothecary cupboard I pause and listen to what plants speak to me. Their vibrations become the audible chants of the Deva spirits. I settle into a meditative rhythm as I begin to stir the herbs deosil, direction of the sun.

Inspired by Mother Nature’s pageantry of color, I sprinkle in sunflower and safflower petals and the blend sings autumns praises.The aroma begins to release as the herbs transfuse. I declare to the botanicals that they provide the receiver with a reminder that all things must come to an end, to make time for celebrations and feast on your successes.

With the stirrings of magic in the air, I believe autumn to be the most auspicious time to honor the needs of self care, a time for reflection and gratitude.This is the season of ‘thankfulness’ for the cornucopia of abundance. We have worked hard to cultivate our dream seeds and tended to them as they grew. We watched them ripen and harvested the fields of their manifestation.

The cooling temperatures get us in the mood for warming spices such as ginger, clove and cinnamon. Festive Autumnal tea blends are falling into our tea cupboards to provide us with an array of sipping delights. Once evening rolls around and the air fills with that delicious fragrance of wood-fire stoves and the piquant scent of fallen leaves, our palate craves those richly warming flavors that celebrate the season.

Sleepy Hollow Tea Recipe

This autumn brew is inspired by the folktale of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The sweet earthy apple - like flavor of Chamomile and slices of dried apples will sweeten your dark Autumn nights.

Herbal Tidbits: Skullcap is a tonic for the nerves. It helps soothe in times of duress- especially when the Headless Horseman is chasing after you. Chamomile is the darling coquette that smells like earth-apple and provides relief to sleeplessness.

3 parts Red Rooibos

2 parts Chamomile

2 parts Skullcap

1 part Cinnamon Chips

1 part Dried Apple slices

1 part Ginger root

.5 parts Nutmeg

.5 parts Allspice

A note from our Edtrix about images: The image in this post was taken by Lindsay. You will see Lindsay’s images all over tumblr, Pinterest and elsewhere when you make tea and witch related searches because they are often stolen, used without credit and reposted into eternity, with no attribution. We mean to rectify that here, so that our readers know where these beautiful images originated. Please do not use them without Lindsay’s express permission.