A literary publication for the line striders, the hedgeriders, the dark ones. 

W&W is a little bit literary journal, a little bit witchy almanac. We celebrate the strange and unusual, the particularly mundane and the utterly magical. Wyrd & Wyse is a publication for those that venture onto misty roads on the night of the dark moon, those who traverse the murky depths, those who see fertility and life in all the dark corners. 

Issue the Third

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Our call for submissions opens June 28th and will close August 11th. CLICK HERE to view the call. 


Donations For Issue the Second

We gave donations for this issue to Seeding Sovereignty, a multi-generational, youth lead organization with the admirable mission: 

"To seed paths of personal, community, cultural, and energy sovereignty by amplifying voices of new leaders working to stop violence to women and Mother Earth so that this and future generations have humble and more joyous lives on a healed and thriving planet."

This is a great organization and we hope you consider donating to them as well. 

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Issue the First Ezine

You asked, we answered, Issue the First is available as an ezine in our shop now!