Submissions to The Archives


Submissions for 2018’s Archives are closed. We will re-open in 2019.


Who should submit to Wyrd & Wyse?

Anyone who identifies as woman/femme/genderfluid/non-binary and a witch (we'll accept "witchy" or "witchy leaning" as well). We prioritize witches writing from the margins. This means that we encourage BIPOC, neurodivergent witches, LGTBQUIA+ witches, disabled witches, fat witches, immigrant witches, etc. to submit.

 We are committed to promoting marginalized voices and voices that don't already have a large platform or following -- though of course we love hearing from the heavy hitters too. However, we are very interested in letting new blood, so to speak, into the witchy publication arena. We want to give folks who aren’t already having their work seen and heard a platform.

Please, if you primarily identify as a cis-man, or primarily benefit from a cis-male identity, do not submit or make inquiries about submission. We are not in any way, "haters" of cis-men, but we do not publish their work. Especially please do not use the terms non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, etc. to gain entry to this publication without *actually* identifying this way -- this is a gross violation of what we do, and we are very protective of our mission. 

How the Archives Work

We accept submissions on a rolling basis for The Archives. There is no set "theme" but we do like it when our contributors are thoughtful about the season-- should we have a more specific idea about what we're looking for, we'll let you know at the bottom of the page. We spread posts out throughout the month and publish in Freshly Pressed 1-2 times per week. At the end of the month, we collect the links for the digital journal and they are published in our newsletter and archived here on our website according to "issue." Anything published during the calendar month will be collected into that month's issue of the digital journal. 


Overall, keep our "mission" in mind when submitting, as we like to keep things in context: 


W&W is a little bit literary journal, a little bit witchy almanac. We celebrate the strange and unusual, the particularly mundane and the utterly magical. Wyrd & Wyse is a publication for those that venture onto misty roads on the night of the dark moon, those who traverse the murky depths, those who see fertility and life in all the dark corners. "

One-off Contributions

One-off contributions can *be* a short series of work, but are most often a one-time contribution. For information about a regular spot in our digital journal see below. 

We are interested in the following genres/areas for one-offs in the journal: 

  • Flash fiction. Got something under 1000 words that has a witchy/magical vibe to it? We love: dark fairy tales, haunted house stories, tales of the unusual or macabre. We don't love: Gore, gratuitous violence, or anything that promotes bigoted values of any kind. Hint: Send us your haunting queer love stories!

  • Personal Narrative. This is a genre we receive a lot of, but typically do not publish in our print work, unless it strong relates to themes we're publishing about for the Issue, primarily because it tends to be longer work and we have space considerations, not because we don't want to tell your stories. If you have creative non-fiction, short, tightly organized memoir, or a personal story you want to tell that you feel would resonate well with our content, please be in touch. We love: Your witchy queer love stories, of course. But also, we are interested in publishing stories about a wide variety of personal experiences. We don't love: We are not interested in publishing anything that upholds white fragility, cultural appropriation, or spiritual bypassing of any kind. Please note that white folks writing about practicing in traditions that they do not have ancestral/established cultural connections with will not be published.

  • Full color art. We cannot print full color art in the zine, but that doesn't mean we don't love it. We would love to give you a digital "exhibition" -- this can be done in multiple ways, so if you're interested, shoot us an email and we'll discuss how things might work best.


Anything depicting graphic or gory violence. Anything that uses rape for shock value. Anything to do with yoga. Anything to do with angels. Anything that demonizes sex workers or sex work. TERF and SWERF ideologies are NOT welcome in this publication. Anything that holds up white fragility or supremacy. Stories of deities outside of your cultural/ancestral traditions/knowledge. White people writing about "shamanic" experiences of any kind-- this includes anything about ayahuasca/sweat lodges or other indigenous traditions. White people writing about brown cultures and their religions as though they are their own. White people writing about anything appropriative. Anything that essentializes body parts as integral parts of gender identity (i.e. penis = men/masculine womb/vaginas = women/feminine). This does NOT mean that we don't want to hear about body parts/menstruation/etc. This does mean that we are not into the idea of these "parts" belonging solely to a binary structure of gendered identity. 

We may update or edit this list at any time, or if something strikes us as a "no" when it's pitched we may simply say no.  

Regular Contributors

We have openings for positions as regular contributors. These positions will be the first to be paid, once there are funds to do this. Regular contributors go through a pretty extensive vetting process with us, and then are given free reign within their genre. 

Time/Content Commitment

  • 1 post per calendar month

  • Post needs to be of significant length/value

We have a small cohort of regular writers who write about the following (and there fore we do not need more contributors in this area: 

  • Books/Media recommendations

  • Foodways and recipes

  • Oracular work

We're seeking regular contributors for the following types of submissions: 

  • Rituals for self-care

  • Moon phase work

  • Social justice action from a magical perspective

  • Basic witchcraft perspectives/principles (this would need to be from a multifaceted perspective in terms of tradition -- and not limited to one tradition/perspective).


  • A witchy webcomic with a mind for intersectional feminism/inclusive humor. We're looking for something sweet and uplifting (but not all light-washy) that will evoke a chuckle at no one's expense.

All regular contributors must commit to writing/creating from a perspective that aligns with our values of inclusiveness and equity. 

How to submit

Submissions for 2018’s Archives are closed. We will re-open in 2019.