Issue the Fourth Contributor Sponsorship


Issue the Fourth Contributor Sponsorship


It costs around $25 per contributor, plus associated costs (Paypal and Squarespace fees, shipping and handling of materials, the Editrixes’ time, etc.) to compensate our contributors — and we want to keep doing it.

We know some of you have expressed interest in donating to the zine and this is why we’ve created the Contributor Sponsorship program, along with starting a Patreon, for folks who would like to support us on a more regular basis.

If you would like to sponsor a contributor for this issue, you’ll receive a digital download of the Sponsor Badge, as well as a shoutout on our Patron page in the fourth issue. The beautiful creatrixes behind the content that makes this little publication great are the ones who benefit from your contribution. 

Here's what we provide to creators when they are accepted into the zine, and what you’ll be helping to pay for:

  • Free Contributor Copy of the issue they are published in

  • Free advertising space in the back pages

  • Shoutouts on our social media

  • $15.00 USD

Your sponsorship money goes straight to the fund for contributors’ fees. Thank you so much for your support. 

The Wyrd & Wyse Team

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