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Issue the Third PREORDER


Often in witchy circles, we give lots of attention to the transformation process, setting intentions and discussing manifestation techniques, but we don’t always talk about what happens when the transformations we’ve been cultivating take shape and come to fruition. What happens when it’s time to to harvest and gather? Is this a time of beginning or ending? Or both? How do we integrate? How do we stay in that moment without immediately pushing back the goal posts?  

We often talk about “reaping” and “harvest” as joyful times, full of abundance. What about other facets of this idea? We live in a time where we are actively dealing with the consequences of systemic policies and actions that are violent and filled with terror. We are living in the reaping of what our ancestors have sown; how do we strategize and cope with that? How do we plan for a future where our descendants are not bound to reap the terrifying consequences of the events we set in motion now? 

Issue the Third: Reaping is a tribute to the idea that reaping is about more than successful manifesting. Reaping is about the consequences for our actions, the beauty of harvesting failure, or making beauty out of sorrow.

Included in this Issue


Denese King-Ashley - Teardrops

Jodie Day - Cut in the Midst for Their Beauty

Sarah Guthu - Fattened Spiders

Nomi McLeod - The Cut That Binds

Katelyn Demidow - Giltené


Catherine Garbinsky - “Planting by the Stars”

Nicole Colinarez - “Demeter’s Daughter”

Rebecca Kokitus - “cicada scream”

Jenna Vélez - “Banshee”

Jessie Lynn McMains - “a spell for the end-of-summer & its burning”

Kate Dlugosz - “Reaping” and “Three of Swords”

Short Writing

Holly Karlsson - “Lawbringer”

Amy Kotthaus - “Papier-Mache”

Vithia -“Misery Harvest”

Andréann Lune - “Wishing on a Storm”

Regular Contributors and Features

Oracle: Nicole Colinarez

Poisoner: Rachel Ballard

Hearth Witchery: Lindsay Holt

Wyrd & Wyse Creator Interview: Melissa Fernandez

Editrixes: Allison Carr Waechter and Annie D’Orazio


  • Issue the Third will be available for preorder for Friday, August 17 - Sunday, September 2. This issue will ship in mid-September.

  • Please note, as both printing and shipping costs continue to rise and because we have a commitment to paying our contributors, we have increased the price of the zine by one dollar. Thank you for your support.

  • We apologize that because of our small staff, we cannot ship outside the U.S. and Canada. We will have EPUB issues available when this issue ships.

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