Submissions Form

Greetings Darkling,

We are so pleased that you would like to submit to us. We have a two step process for submission (and as we hate cover letters, neither step is writing one):

1. First fill out the form below. If your submission will fit and you do not have formatting concerns, you are done!

2. If your submission will not fit in the text space provided (or you are concerned about preserving formatting), or you are submitting high resolution images for the art category, please do the following: 

  • For all written submissions: please send your work in the body of an email to with the subject line “Issue the Fourth Submission.” If you are concerned about formatting, you may also share a link to a Google Drive Folder with your work.

    • If you do so, please use a Google doc format and NOT docx or pdf. Please do not send us attachments for written submissions, only links to Google docs.

  • For art: We cannot accept attachments with this form, so you will need to email us at Please make sure that your work is in black and white already, if it was not originally. If you are concerned about file size, you may submit a link to a Google Drive folder with your work.

    • Note: Your work must be in high resolution, black and white to submit to Wyrd & Wyse. We do not publish work in color at this time.

Thanks so much! 

The Wyrd & Wyse Team

Name *
What name would you like to be published under? You are free to make yourself anonymous if you are worried about the content you're sharing.
What pronouns do you use?
If you identify as trans, non-binary, neurodivergent, fat, queer, BIPOC etc. and you'd like us to know, please let us know here. (Optional)
Please provide relevant public social media and websites that will tell us a bit more about you.
Please provide relevant public social media and websites that will tell us a bit more about you.
Please provide a 100 word or less bio, written in the third person. This will be printed with your work, should it be accepted. Please don't stress about this if these types of things make you nervous "Allison is no one and can be found no where" is an acceptable type of answer.
Please tell us under which category you are submitting (poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, art, etc. It can be a hybrid, but for organizational purposes, we like to know what you'd consider your "genre" to be)
If you are submitting art or emailing us with your work, note that in the text box.