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Dearest Darklings,

Submissions are closed for 2018

We are closing submissions for 2018, as Issue the Fourth is our last print issue of the calendar year, and we are embarking on a mission into the dark to see what Wyrd & Wyse will be in 2019. After Issue the Fourth ships, the website will go dark until our 2019 re-Launch. If you have contributed to The Archives, fear not loves, we’ll make sure they’re still accessible for reading.

To be honest, we don’t know what things will look like on the other side. What we do know, is that to make this a more sustainable publication, changes must be made to the way that we operate. We are passionate about the idea that this publication have a print aspect to it. Being able to hold something in your hands is so important. But print is an expensive and difficult medium, and we need new ways to do things, so we need time in the dark to rest, re-charge and figure out what offerings make the most sense for us.

If you were hoping to submit something to us soon, please wait until we re-launch to see what we have in store.

Thanks ever so much for all the love and support,

The Wyrd & Wyse Team

Freshly Pressed