A literary publication for the line striders, the hedgeriders, the dark ones. 

W&W is a little bit literary journal, a little bit witchy almanac. We celebrate the strange and unusual, the particularly mundane and the utterly magical. Wyrd & Wyse is a publication for those that venture onto misty roads on the night of the dark moon, those who traverse the murky depths, those who see fertility and life in all the dark corners. 

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Pre-orders for Issue the Second

The pre-order period for Issue the Second will be live here in our shop between April 23 - May 4.

Though we will be shipping internationally for Issue the Second, we will need to charge more for orders going outside of the US and Canada. We are sorry for the inconvenience.  


Donations For Issue the Second

A portion of the profits for Issue the Second will be donated. We'll be announcing the recipient of our Issue the Second donations soon!