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October’s Digital Journal

We are open to pitches of flash fiction, witchy media recommendations, personal narratives, full color art exhibitions (and more!) that fit with the publication's content, for our digital journal. CLICK HERE to see our digital journal submissions page.  



10% of profits from Issue the Third will be donated to Circle of Health International. COHI is:

"An international humanitarian organization providing reproductive, maternal, and newborn health care in crisis settings around the world. Founded in 2004 with the mission to increase the capacity of women's health care providers in crisis and disaster settings, COHI provides disaster relief, supplies, professional training, and sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable women.

COHI ensures quality care to mamas and babies in crisis situations around the world, having served over three million women - domestically and internationally - in 18 humanitarian emergencies since its founding. ‘Big-box’ relief organizations tend to export Americanized solutions to communities in need. COHI takes the opposite approach, aligning with local, women-led organizations who are best suited to know and advise on the needs of the women and children that they serve. COHI has worked alongside midwives and public health professionals in Sri Lanka, Louisiana, Tibet, Tanzania, Israel, the Philippines, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Oklahoma, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Sudan, Haiti, and Afghanistan."

We encourage you to donate directly to COHI, even if you are not interested in purchasing from us. Click below to visit their donations page. 

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